Requesting AMF from the BEG

At present, the BEG committee are willing to provide small samples (50g) of BEG cultures hosted at INRA Dijon for scientific investigation only (non-commercial use!). We impose a limit of three cultures per request. Only specifically requested BEG isolates which are designated as being available will be sent out.

We ask for a fee of EUR 50 per culture requested for all persons working in industrial countries (i.e. a GDP per capita >10 000 $, see here). For all other countries, the service is free. We will inform you about the payment modalities after your request has been received.

For other cultures (marked as "not hosted in Dijon" in the list) we will forward your request to the donor who may then provide similar-sized samples of the culture.

The BEG declares that this inoculum contains spores and other propagules of the designated arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus. It is supplied with the proviso that it is for the user to initiate fresh cultures for scientific purposes only. It is not to be sold or exchanged with other entities without the agreement of either the donor or the BEG Committee. The material has been raised in pure open pot-culture but by the nature of this technique the substrate may be colonised by other (micro-)organisms. The BEG and donor, therefore, accept no responsibility for the contents other than the AM fungus within the substrate. You should always acknowledge the use of a BEG culture in any publication resulting from the work. In completing and submitting the form below you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Send an Email to ibg(at), containing the following information (i.e. copy and paste the categories and fill in the necessary information)

Attach the signed disclaimer form (incomplete requests cannot be processed!):


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